The Economic Risk Mechanism offers callers the ability to embed provable and transparent financial liability (a “Sender Bond” or risk) into ordinary phone calls (all kinds: POTS, mobile, and VOIP). It gets legitimate calls connected, but it blocks irritating and illegal robocalls, without effort, thought or intervention.

Economic Risk differs from postage and other “pay-for-play” schemes because calls remain free for everyone...High volume callers, small businesses, and even Aunt Betty. But now, you can hang a cash deposit box on your front door. The doorbell doesn't work unless unrecognized callers place cash in the box.

Most unrecognized callers have no fear of losing money. They know that you will enjoy hearing from them. But illegal callers avoid your phone number like the plague. For them, your number presents inescapable liability. They know that their cash will be seized and transferred to you the moment you hear an annoying pitch. If you find a call to be irritating, harassing or just plain irrelevant, simply press *77 after hanging up. You will pocket the caller’s cash faster than he can run. Who knew that slapping back at scammers, illegal marketers and robots could be so empowering!

Economic Risk Mechanism
Philip Raymond,   Marlborough MA
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Some day, all unrecognized contact will be mitigated in this way; silently, effectively and never a false positive. Every call, every email, fax, IM—and ultimately every data packet—will express sender liability as a guarantee of relevance and a demonstration of respect for each individual recipient.

It’s coming soon to your phone. It really works and it creates fear in sleazy callers. Peace of mind can be rewarding!