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What is the partner program, and what does it offer?
Our partner program allows you to earn income by selling customers our product. We pulled out all the stops. Your income is in your control because your customers are retained under your program, plus a special additional managment bonus "commission" on any new partner, or sales representative who you bring on board! You will continue to earn your commission on referred sales as your customers continue to the use Vanquish services!

How unique is the Vanquish product? Will it really give me incremental sales?
Vanquish Personal Access Control™ is the ONLY product that yields complete control over unsolicited bulk contact using the simplicity of economic strength. No complex filters or rules just one simple button.

How much are partners paid?
We are currently offering an unparalleled program:

  • 30% commission on all direct sales. (30 % for the re-bill when the subscriber renews!)
  • Override commission on all sales from referred partners. This means: If you bring on board another partner (or distributor), you receive a 10% percent payment from the services they sell.
  • Override commissions on earnings from referred sales representatives. This means: Sales reps with large lists of rep contacts can also take full advantage of our program.

Your override commission is based on the entire sale!! It has been designed this way to entice individuals to grow their own local (or extended) sales teams.

How much are the payment or transaction fees?
We get this question often but don't really understand why. But the answer is; There are no transaction fees. Vanquish pays all partners in full. Promoting Vanquish products yields our partners and resellers their complete commission on all sales.

Must I stock product?
This depends on your business model. Some stores stock a few retail boxes because customers prefer taking a box home after they purchase software at a storefront. If you're selling to stores you probably only need a few boxes on hand for display. We can deliver then drop ship orders placed by your customer/partner.

How are partners paid?
If you are not taking delivery of the product we can drop ship directly to your customers. If this occurs payments are made every month based on your sales. Payments are made when your balance-to-be-paid is over $75.00. Payments can be made quicker electronically if we are given direct access to credit an account.

Can I refer other partners?
Yes, the program was specifically designed to entice our partners to see all associates, even their competition, as potential partners. (more details)

I have many rep contacts that could refer other partners or resellers. Can these contacts benefit me?
Yes, again, the program was specifically designed to entice our partners to see all associates, even their competition, as potential partners. (more details)

How do I join?
You can read about, and join, our partner program at this URL: Look for the "join (Sign-Up)" link at the top of this page.

How do I login to my partner account?
Go to our partner login page at

Is the sales process automated so that customers can easily retrieve the product via download and I will be credited for the sale?
Yes, go to our partner login page at Once you're logged in > select "Promotional Tools". > "Banner Ad" > Select the size > "Highlight This Code" and Copy > Paste it into the location (or media) that you would like your customers to access to get the product. Business card link, Signature link, website reference, invoice notification, etc….

What type of service or support must I provide for the product?
This depends on whom you are selling to. Vanquish provides world-class customer support. But, this does not eliminate the long-term advantages of communicating with your customer. If you are selling directly to the end user, a bit of explanation about the advantages of Vanquish goes a long way. If you have built a distribution channel then your focus would lie on communicating the right sound bites to your distributors who will in turn communicate with their customers.

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