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March 2013



A Vanquish / Postini partnership                                Check latest update:
Yields outstanding Email security                            [vqME] [vqNow] [vqSA]
Vanquish is upgrading to an all new antispam & antivirus engine, powered by Postini, a division of Google. Our new system improves filtering by analyzing sender reputation, adding advanced heuristics and category controls (user adjustments for explicit content, racist mail, get rich quick schemes, etc). It blocks viruses, scams and even "zero hour" threats.

The new engine combines the latest features of filters and white lists, without requiring time consuming maintenance. Users can still enter a list of trusted senders (up to 4,000 characters or about 125 addresses), but you needn't pre-load your entire history of email contacts. A new Message Center replaces the old Held Mail folder.

False positives are a thing of the past! Power users will find lots of rich features, like a Connection Manager, Message Center and Directory Synch.
  With all of these advanced features, will you still have a Held Mail folder and daily digests? Of course! But our antispam process no longer relies on challenge-response. That method blocks too many desirable automated messages and violates emerging internet standards. Our new approach is superbly effective.

Alternatives (special circumstances)
●    vqME users who require a challenge feature: We will switch you to Choicemail at no cost. That company is the leading challenge response system.
●    vqSA owners who prefer to host and operate their own hardware security apppliance: We will switch you to Abaca at no cost with an option to renew at a special rate. Their virtual machine unpacks and installs on your existing Vanquish appliance. Abaca provides advanced email security to Yahoo and is a market leader. A novel approach of analyzing recipient reputation greatly reduces false positives.

Features / Options

Price drop! $3.99
 Advanced Features
add only 98/month
 Enterprise Extras
( la carte )
Directory Harvest Attack, Spam,
and Virus Attack protection
Outbound Scans:  Attachment
Mgr, Content Manager, Virus
Blocking, Compliance Footer)

* If client mail server goes down, incoming mail is not lost. Instead, it queues at each sender according to the sender's space and retry rules.
   With the upgraded feature pack, a fixed-size queue guarantees delivery of incoming mail, even if your server is down.