Upgrade Instructions

          Cut over instructions for vqSA and VqNow Admins         


This is a follow up concerning the switch of your Vanquish email security to new servers.

You accounts are already setup on our servers. But now, you must ensure that your own
network configuration has been updated. Please complete and test the new process before
the end of this month

Check that your firewall is open to Vanquish on port 25. (IP lockdown is recommended): ~    CIDR:    Subnet: / mask
(More about IP range and Lockdown: http://goo.gl/BBWtN)

If your login address does not work then your account may not be active in Postini,
Please contact vanquish@emailsupport.com or contact the support number below.

Please complete these changes by the end of this month (June 30).
Thank You



Welcome to Google Message Solutions for Vanquish, powered by Postini


Please save this email - It contains information critical for your account.



Login URL:







Documentation - Postini System Administration Guide




Administrator Guide

End User Message Center

Postini Best Practices Road Map

Outbound Configuration Guide

Directory Synchronization

Adding New Client Orgs

Granting Clients Admin Access













http://goo.gl/MaKr1 (VIDEO)

http://goo.gl/37M6g (VIDEO)



Your support level is Platinum
For help, call or email:  support@excelmicro.com  Ph: 877-466-7726

During this cut over, we are trying hard to offer round the clock support. During this final week of June, you can expect some delays in getting back to you. Thereafter, our normal support hours are 8:30 am ~ 7:30pm EST

Certain Vanquish features with which you are familiar will be added in the coming months... If you are a first time Postini User or Postini Administrator we recommend reviewing The Postini Help Site: at http://www.postini.com/help/


Step One: Log in to the System Administration Console

First log in to your System Administration Site with your Username and Temporary Password.

Temporary Passwords
Administrators have very strict password requirements for security reasons.

Admin passwords must:
1) Contain at least six alphabetical letters
2) Contain at least five unique alphabetical letters
3) Not be a dictionary word
4) Not be sequential letters
5) Not contain an email address

For full details on Administrators Password Requirements please see the following page in our Admin Guide:

Once your change your password you will see two links; one for 'System Administration' and the other for the 'Message Center' linked to this email address, click on 'System Administration'.

Note: If you receive an 'Invalid log in or server error' Please try again and then click 'Forgot your password?' and you will receive an email with a new temporary password. If you do not receive a 'Forgot your password?' link, Please Contact Support.


Step Two: Verify your Mail Server's IP address

Click on the 'Orgs' link found on your top navigation bar. Click on your 'Mail Server Org' found in your list of Organization (YourDomain Mail Server). Click on the 'Inbound Servers' tab found on your top navigation bar, then 'Delivery Mgr', then link 'Edit' found in the grey bar found just below the navigation bar.

The first box should have your mail server's correct IP or DNS name (Example x.x.x.x or mail.domain.com). Google Apps for Business clients should show ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

Step Three: Adding Users

Option 1: Google Directory Sync
Please visit http://www.postini.com/dir_sync. This will give you information to synchronize Postini with your active directory.

Option 2: Adding Users Manually
Click on tseche 'Orgs and Users' tab found on your navigation bar. Next click the 'Users' link found in your navigation bar.

Once you click the 'Users' you may want to click the user postinidefault@YourDomain. This is the template that all users will follow when the accounts are created. If you do not have a 'postinidefault@YourDomain' account please contact support.

To add users click the 'Add/Delete/Move Users' on the top right hand of the screen just below the navigation bar. Here you can manually type or paste a list of all your usernames into the dialog box and Click 'Add Users'. You must enter the entire email address (user@YourDomain.com). Once you click the 'Add Users' button an email will be generated from Postini to 'Welcome' the new user.

NOTE: IF you DO NOT want your users getting notifications or want a special configuration to redirect Notification to an Admin Account, DO NOT add the users at this time. You can change the notification settings by clicking on the 'Orgs and Users' tab at the top and then click our 'YourDomain Users' and then click the 'Notifications' link. This link is the last link on the page. This will change the Notification for All Users in the Organization.

Step Four: Modifying the DNS

There is a propagation time for the DNS to Change usually about 24-48 hours, but if this is done Correctly you will NOT lose ANY mail. Mail will continue to flow directly to your mail server until the DNS fully propagates. Once DNS propagates, all traffic will be filtered by the Google servers. Google really just acts as a 'middle man' for the mail traffic.

The MX Changes are as follows

domain.com.s5a1.psmtp.com. [Preference 10]
domain.com.s5a2.psmtp.com. [Preference 20]
domain.com.s5b1.psmtp.com. [Preference 30]
domain.com.s5b2.psmtp.com. [Preference 40]

For Maximum protection from SPAM/Viruses Delete All Other MX Entries for your domain.


Step Five: Locking down you firewall or mail server

It is highly recommended to wait 72 from when your DNS fully propagates to lockdown your firewall or mail server.

Firewall Lockdown

Exchange 2003/2007




Further Assistance

If you need further assistance, need clarification, want to speak with a technician, or are having any type of trouble, do not hesitate to contact support!


The Excel Micro Team
Your Premier Postini/Google Provider
Email: support@excelmicro.com
Phone: 610-627-1500