Spam: e if cannot exterminar it? It can!
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 Spam Andres Simões writes " Vanquish considers an interesting system anti-Spam: to charge for each non-requested mail. The system, that runs in the proper ISP, seems simple: The first time that if sends a mail for a person whose ISP adhered to the Vanquish, the shipper receives a mail from the Vanquish, in order that the system if certifys of that reply it to you is true and of that of the other side is same a person, making a question to which the shipper has to answer (what disables automatic answers).

"In case that the things run well, the mail follows its destination, and ready, it does not have more chatice. However, he will be same to spammer that of some form it skirted the system or if some tolerance started to become flat after, the receiver can puniz it, seleccionando in its customer of mail (that it will have to support the system...) the option "punish", being able after that to banish definitively that shipper.
The system seems me excellent. My question, however, is: on the basis of that legislation if will be able to charge to spammers? Still not vi the small farm with attention, but seem me of difficult implementation, at least to the level of the monetary punishments. I wait to be roundly been deceptive.
A good synthesis in the Supplement of Computers of the Public .

P.S.: I continue to use the best system of all: I have some accounts of mail, a pessoal/profissional that I only give to the pupils and to some friends reliable; two or three that they redireccionam for the pessoal/pofissional, and that I give when ask for me and apetece not to be ackward and to say something to me as "I only give the people reliable" (some problem of Spam will be had, or another one, is enough to cancel the redireccionamento); one that use for registers of small farms género gildot; half dozen that nor I know if functions, therefore not I go there has years (literally), and that I give in registers of the type that only want the mail "to confirm", that is, for where they will not order none password (for example, registers in ISP). Thanks to this system, if I received stocking dozen from mails Spam since 1997, is very. The normal one is 1 or 2, in the maximum per year "