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Put Spam...into your wallet


"Vanquish" (v. overcome, conquer, defeat), is the name of a new Anti-Spam-system that should appear in November for the first time in its beta version. It differs fundamentally from all previous attempts at spam control.

Information from Vanquish is not all uniform. A sign that this project is still in the construction phase. Yet the basic principle can be described as so:

Vanquish users install a java applet on their computer and let it test incoming mail in a type of Peer-to-Peer system. Mail that arrives from known addresses are unhindered. Mail from unknown senders are answered with a confirmation-mail. Here is where various literature describes different procedures. Either click on a link to confirm that you are for real - or view an image (say, a cat) and answer a tandem question ("what's that?"). Vanquish ensures that automated spam engines cannot find work-arounds to these sender authentication procedures.

Vanquish requires that the transmitter as well as the ISP enter into a contractual relationship with Vanquish. Together, these agreements form a financial guarantee which is conveyed with the message. Each mail happening the system is expanded then around a "satisfied position guarantee" (Satisfaction Guarantee). The receiver recognizes that it concerns Spam, it activates the guarantee-Button. The transmitter (and/or the ISP) must pay then a sum certain by the user (Vanquish recommends anywhere from 5¢ to 35¢) on an account, that is distributed amongst the guarantee senders.

The thought of equipping the delivery of mail with a type guarantee or insurance, seems one that is thoroughly superior in value. Also if the question places itself, whether this system is supported by the ISPs. And therefrom the success of the system depends last of all.

Yet the costs page is the basic problem of the Spam. Often become dollar as costs for the delivery of a Spam-mail 0,01 indicated. That appears publish far superelevates in view of that previously to numbers. Realistic estimations lie in 0.00001 to 0.00003 dollars. The guarantee fee desired by Vanquish of few cents would be allowed to drive these costs already strongly into the height. Remains to hope that until November a realizable philosophy of the service is developed.

Derweil recognized Anti-Spam Aktivisten already a long time that there are also other ways to damage the Spammer financially. Pay search engine as well as Overture or eSpotting become by Spam-firm or manufacturers of Spam-software gladly used. They pay partial over a dollar in order to appear in that which is sought concepts as well as "Bulk mail" or "mail very above in the Top-Ranking to marketing". Per therewith the cash register of the search engines rings click and simultaneously must pay the Spam-firms.

That has to be sure an unpleasant Nebeneffekt for the manufacturers of Anti-Spam-solutions. They not advertise make also with these that which is sought concepts in the search engines and unambiguously clearly that they not belong would jut to the Spammer-, must it also for the wrath of the Spam-plagued pay.


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