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Privacy & Security Statement

Vanquish respects your privacy.

  1. Visiting Our Web Site
  2. Personal Data / Credit Card Data
  3. Security & Privacy in Our Products
  4. Data Retention / Survivorship

1. Visiting Our Web Site
Like all commercial web sites, Vanquish uses cookies to facilitate navigation, sales, and to understand how visitors enter, traverse and leave our web site. We sometimes use a cookie by Google Analytics for the same purposes. Cookies are small text files that web sites write to your computer disk and are available only to the web site that placed it there. A setting in your browser lets you restrict or even block cookies, but if you block all cookies, you could not purchase from most web sites, because the site could not follow your progress through purchase and payment.

If you enter our site from a link at one of our partners, we use a cookie to ensure that credit is issued to the referring partner, but without any data that can be used to identify you prior to a purchase. We never knowingly collect, process or store data that can be used to identify you. Although we do not use cookies to track activity outside of our web site, the cookie that we use by Google Analytics may correlate or track activities across web sites that use their tool. Please check with Google for an up to date privacy policy. Our cookies do not interfere with the operation of your computer.

2. Personal Data / Credit Card Data
We do not collect or store any credit card information. Payment information that you enter in our market basket is encrypted in your own computer and sent directly to the credit card processor for verification and debit over a secure connection.

The only personal information we collect is that which you volunteer by submitting an information form on our web site. This information is used to comply with your request. If you request information about a product, service, or support issue, we retain your request and your email address in our support log, but only so that we can contact you again about the same issue. We never divulge this contact information to others (not even within our own company) nor do we use your contact information to market our products and services.

3. Security & Privacy in Our Products
Our products, Vanquish Pro and VQme, do not automatically log personal data nor do they link information automatically logged by other means with personal data about specific individuals. In case you experience difficulties using Vanquish Pro, we may ask you to proactively send the log of your email activity. This requires an intentional act on your part in which you will see the list of files that are about to be sent. We cannot initiate this transfer. The log includes header information on the email messages processed by Vanquish Pro, including sender, recipient, date and subject of messages. In some cases - the message content is also sent as part of the log. This log is used only by our technical support personnel to assist in troubleshooting; when the problem is resolved, the log is destroyed.

Vanquish reserves the right to outsource technical support functions in the future or to use consultants. In this case, the consultants will be bound by the same covenants which govern our own employees.

4. Data Retention / Survivorship
If you are not a continuing user of our product or service, the only data that we have about you is the voluntary request for information that you made in an email or in a form at our web site. In addition to restricting that data to the issue that you initiated, we will destroy this data (your request and your contact information) no longer than 3 years from the last contact concerning the issues involved. In the case of financial data, we may retain data for 7 years or whatever period is necessary to comply with laws and generally accepted accounting practices.

Our customer database will survive any sale, transfer, acquisition or reincorporation of our company. This is necessary to provide ongoing service to customers. Information concerning past inquiries (sales or support) will be bound by the same expiration rules described above.

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