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 vqME Personal Anti Spam

vqME Personal Anti Spam is perfect for the home user or independent businessperson wanting to protect one or more personal addresses.

Use vqME Personal Anti Spam seamlessly with any standard email program such as Outlook, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Opera M2, MozillaThunderbird - also use your vqME account to protect mobile devices the likes of RIMís Blackberry, HP iPAQ, Sony VAIO, Palm Treo, and many more...

Try vqME Personal Anti Spam, sign up free for 15 days and see what spam-free peace of mind is all about.

Product Highlights:

  • Stops email spam, viruses and identity theft attempts.
  • Ensures delivery of email using no-fuss highly integrated, and continuously self-learning technologies. [view features]
  • Provides (optional) confirmed message delivery, eliminating the worry of filtering out desired mail.
  • Optional webmail access allows you to check your spam-free email anywhere, anytime, via any web browser.
  • Online calendar to manage your events and schedule.
  • 5 separate mailboxes (under one password) for yourself or members of your household.
  • At $39.95, vqME costs less than $0.11/day.

Peace of Mind.
Personal Anti-Spam vqME

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